Ayriko digital barometer as a device to prevent possible deficits in compression step, Ayriko Engine Combustion Chamber Pressure Information Recording and Measurement Device is designed and produced.
By this device, user can record and analyze accurate information of produced pressure in cylinder chamber through a computer and, if needed, he/she can print such information as a graph and paperwork.

With the capacity of recording the information of 12 cylinders simultaneously


Ayriko core competencies




Values reporting and analyzing capability         Prevention of harm to crank         Engine efficiency improvement                                        


           Reduction of Depreciation during the information recording        High accuracy and velocity in measurement                                      

Ayriko has two functional model:

Fast Mode:

In this mode, Ayriko digital barometer can record the pressure information of combustion chamber with the velocity of 1millisecond for each selected channel. In this way, the engine is ON and crank shaft rotates with its nominal starting capacity (1500rpm).

Slow Mode:

In this mode, Ayriko digital barometer can record the pressure information of combustion chamber with the velocity of 5miliseconds foreach channel and maximum 12 channels simultaneously. In this way, the engine runs with nominal starting capacity (150rpm).

Usage vision of ayriko digital barometer

  • Not sealing valves
  • Piston ring fracture
  • Obsolescence of Piston ring
  • Cylinder head gasket fracture
  • Fractures or spillover of valves
  • Obsolescence of cylinder ester bush
  • Piston ring adhesion to cylinder compartment
  • Accumulation of residuals on piston and bottom cylinder head

Hardware features

  • 12 sensors convertors
  • USB port & Software CD
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • A panel to adjust device functions
  • Measuring room temperature during tests
  • 12 connecting cables along with connectors
  • 12 pressure sensors with high accuracy and velocity
  • A measurement tool to communication computer through USB to RS485 port
  • 12 input ports with the capability of planning for pressure information recording

Software features

  • Modbus protocol supports
  • Flash File supports to upload the information
  • The ability of planning the device by programs
  • Installable on computer (under any operating system)
  • You can easily send it to Ayriko for test and calibration
  • The ability to analyze information and to take outputs as graphs
  • Simultaneous (online) communications with all device parameters
  • High velocity of sampling inputs and storing the information on flashes
  • High measurement accuracy and automatic analysis of values in tables